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7th-Dec-2005 11:28 pm - Hey...

Hey there. I've been listening to m-Flo for awhile now and I love it. My nickname is Apple-chan, so you can just call me that please. ^_^ Anyways, my favorite songs are Miss You and Let Go.

Speaking of which...

Can someone please find me the mp3 of Let Go? I need it ASAP, please and thank you!!

-- Apple-chan

19th-Nov-2005 09:36 pm(no subject)
misc / neneh
For those who don't know, Verbal's side project, Teriyaki Boyz, had their album released recently. It's now in fairly wide circulation if you're looking, or get a sample track at my journal here. (Comment here or there if you download, if you don't mind.)

Um. I'm not a fan, which is a shame cos I had pretty high hopes for this.
23rd-Oct-2005 12:35 am - m-flo vids for fansubbing
misc - 月
Does anyone here have any high-quality m-flo music videos (specifically "let go")? A friend of mine said he'd be willing to make fansubs of any music videos, provided the raw video was of high enough quality and he could find kanji lyrics.
21st-Sep-2005 08:23 am(no subject)
general stoofs
You guys, if you were using WinMX to download all sorts of M-flo goodness, you might want to check this out:


And scroll down to the last paragraph.

Anyone have any other download proggie recommendations?  Thanks much.  ^_^
9th-Sep-2005 10:37 pm(no subject)
misc / neneh
Here is the title track from the new Nomiya Maki loves m-flo single, BIG BANG ROMANCE. Say what you will about this, but it's really more Maki's style than m-flo's (and I'm not complaining since I'm the biggest Maki fangirl this side of Japan). Anyway I love it a lot, it's very happy and fun. The remixes are around, too, but I'm not uploading them because I can't be bothered.


Nomiya Maki loves m-flo - BIG BANG ROMANCE
3rd-Sep-2005 10:55 pm(no subject)
Osaka Osaka
Well, I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only M-flo fan, but I can't buy or find any CDs where I live. Also, I can't use a-Bay since I'm not old enough to, so I'm stuck download fairly low-quality songs, which are also hard to find and Limewire makes it a Nightmare to download, and to top it all off I have to do this with a dial-up connect, so the search is barely worth the trouble. I'm not proud of downloading songs for free.

My favorite M Flo song would either be Donamine or The Rhyme Brokers. With The Rhyme Brokers I only have to IIDX edit, so I'm not happy with getting only a small tidbit of the song, and Donamine was given to me by someone else.
31st-Aug-2005 05:06 pm - Boop!
Sitting about, listening to "Dopeman?" I had to draw this in animation class...


Ladies and gentlemen...!
28th-Aug-2005 10:13 pm - -Waves-
Hiii~ :D

I just joined--about a couple of minutes ago--and just wanted to introduce myself.

YES. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE M-FLO FANS and they need to release more stuff .

-Runs off-

D: This was such a pointless entry but I got to spam and totally abuse the strikes.
27th-Aug-2005 04:50 am - Romanized Lyrics
you probably don't recognizde me...

Does anyone know where I can get romanized korean lyrics for "I'm Da 1" from M-FLO's new album? Thanx in advance! :D...
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