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24th-May-2007 11:48 am - Dead Community?
Vocaloid - Happy/Smile // ??
Hey. I'm having a hard time downloading any m-flo songs. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to upload any of their most recent music for me? I would really like Dopeman (Dopamine?) along with some music from their most recent CD if possible. Anything would be GREATLY appreciated. I went back and looked at earlier posts to see if any of the links were still working--sadly none of the previously uploaded music links work. =\

Please! :D
18th-Mar-2007 07:19 pm - Excited for Cosmicolor!
Hi, I've become crazy for m-lo (and I just joined here)... I'm wondering if I can buy their new album on the release date at a Kinokuniya Bookstore (specifically, uh, the one in Portland, OR), or if there's a shipping delay or something like that. Thanks!
27th-Jun-2006 08:50 pm(no subject)
I've been looking around for a long time, and I figured this might be the only place I could find it.

Does anyone have the kanji for Love can't wait by DJ HASEBE feat. LISA?
It's the second track of the first disk from m-flo turns it out!

If anyone could post it, I'd be ever so greatful. ♥♥
18th-Mar-2006 11:46 pm - Quickie request.
Hello, as the subject header reads, I've got a request. Or two.

Can anyone upload for me;

m-flo ♥ BOY KEN & the Black Bottom Brass Band - Uchuu no Woah Woah
(And what 'uchuu' means, as well. I'm curious! XD)

m-flo ♥ TOKU & DOUBLE - Life Is Beautiful

Fufilling these would be very much appreciated. Please and thank you! ♥
4th-Mar-2006 03:12 pm - Hi!
Nari: Pensieve
Hey all, new here! Is currently on a m-flo high after watching m-flo TOUR 2005 BEAT SPACE NINE at Nihon Budokan and then realized that I'm not part of any m-flo communities. Out of the three that I found... this seems to be the only active one (er... somewhat ^^;;). Anyway, yoroshiku ne! XD!
18th-Feb-2006 11:10 pm - m-flo interview (japanese)
I'd like a Deep Space Nine bath towel... :(

24th-Dec-2005 11:19 pm - Hello!
Hey everyone^^*
I'm afraid I'm not a fan (I've only heard a bit of Let Go) but my friend is a HUGE fan of m-flo, so I was thinking if anyone would by any chance know what their fan club or fan mailing address is because I'd love to give her something signed by them personally. I know it sounds lame and corny but I'd hope she likes it. And also, does anyone know where I could purchase their cd's - in Sydney. Thanks you all heaps for taking the time to help out. I really appreciate it.:D
8th-Dec-2005 03:35 am - Kouhaku Uta Gassen 56!
cold heart
Man! I just realized, nobody's mentioned this on the community. Granted, this is a very quiet lj-comm...

Anyways. If you can't tell from the subject line, m-flo is slated to play for the first time on NHK's New Year's program, Kouhaku Utagassen!

The NHK Kouhaku website!
The press release, with Verbal looking wayyyy too happy as usual!

They will be performing for shirogumi with Akiko Wada, so I'm guessing they'll play "Hey!". ^^;

You can read Verbal being super excited and cute and calling home to mom over at the official Verbal blog in this entry! (I am so not going to use the trackback function... *sweat*) Haha! Verbal is a big dork. :) And oo, he updated this week.

So yeah, something to look forward to at the end of the year!
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